Grammar – Tricks of the Trade

Professional writers, copy editors, and administrative assistants must carefully apply proper grammar, accurate spelling and correct usage of the English language in virtually everything they write. Documentation which is expertly written reflects glowingly well on the writer or whomever they represent. Anything less is unacceptable and conveys a message of indifference. For instance, a resume with spelling errors or incorrect wording may not get past the reviewer no matter how qualified the applicant may be for the position. The applicant appears unprofessional, lacking business skills and predictability. Employees represent and reflect the employer or company, hopefully in an exceptional manner.

Writers should consider using both spelling and grammar checking tools before submitting transcript of any kind. The spell checker may find incorrect spelling issues but the tool may miss improper use of words i.e. an article written about successful mangers (note the intent is managers) will pass the spell checker even though it is the wrong context. A grammar checker will possibly catch this incompatible error.

Along with the word and grammar checker provided with word processing software, you can find other free online grammar correctors. Always confirm resumes and critical documents with two types of document grammar checkers. Ensure written documents with freely obtainable tools of the trade. Nothing screams amateur faster than a poorly written document. There is no excuse for inaccurate documents when there are a number of tools available on the Internet. Professionalism is putting your best foot forward whether it is speech or written word.